Our club has organised a 40 bay parking garage from Lambeth Council for classic cars. Bays are available.

We have created a safe place for our cars where we can tinker on them and socialise with other classic car enthusiasts. Tinkering on your own car is more fun when there are other people around working on their cars.

All bays will have electricity. Some bays have doors. Bays with doors are a bit more expensive of course. You can put up your own roller door or an up-and-over door. If you get 2 bays, you can take down the separating wall to make one large bay. We encourage you to paint and decorate your bay.

Your car is safe in the garage with 2 security camera systems, 2 bollards, and an automatic gate (being installed in January). The 2nd bollard and the gate are both operated by an app on your phone. We can even open the gate and lower the bollard for you remotely when required.

Woodvale Walk
Elder Road
London SE27 0EX

Features of our garage

  • 2 Security camera systems
    • Our own camera system
    • Council operated camera system
  • 2 Bollards
    • One bollard at the entrance of the property requiring a fob to enter and to leave
    • One bollard directly in front of our gate operated by an app on your phone
  • Electricity in every bay
    • For LED lights, charging tools, etc.
  • Automatic gate
    • Operated by the same app on your phone
  • Possible to have doors on your bay
    • You can put a roller door or up-and-over door on your bay for extra security
  • Social environment
    • Club member are often there on weekend tinkering on their cars
  • You are encouraged to tinker on your cars in the garage
    • Within reason. No welding or anything dangerous.

Bay with door: £130/month
Bay without door: £110/month

NOTE: Electric use in the garage is only for LED lighting, tools, etc. Extra use will be charged appropriately.

Darren Sullivan
Telephone: 07426903970


Woodvale Walk, Elder Road, London SE27 0EX

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