Our next meet 16 November

From 12:00 to about 16:00
Lower Marsh, London SE1 7RG

16 November
21 December

We are within the Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ). Please check here if your car is exempt:

Video from Shahzad Sheikh and Kevin Haggarthy (#BrownCarGuy)

Here we have more highlights of our Belgravia Classic Car Show 2019. This professional video is from Shahzad Sheikh and Kevin Haggarthy (#BrownCarGuy).

Article by Take To The Road by Niall Julian

On Sunday 23rd June the 96 Club marked its 40th anniversary at the Belgravia Classic Car Show 2019. This special celebration brought together over 250 classic and vintage cars, all presented for the public’s enjoyment in the leafy gardens of Belgrave Square.

Organised by the 96 Club and the Waterloo Classics Car Club, the Belgravia Classic Car Show is the premier classic car event in London. Once again the caliber of cars on show was simply stunning, with 96 Club members and their friends traveling from far and wide for a weekend of petrolhead banter and the relaxed picnic style atmosphere of the square.


Waterloo Classics is a monthly classic car show/meet in central London. It is a casual atmosphere where you can bring your classic car (or classic motorcycle), show it off, see other classics, and have something to eat and drink.

We meet between 12:00 and 16:00 on the third Saturday of every month at the Lower Marsh Market – on Lower Marsh Street just behind Waterloo Station. We are mixing classic cars and market stalls to create a fun atmosphere.

Parking in the market spaces is possible only if you have a designated parking disc. You can download a disc and print it yourself. You can also get a nicely printed round one when you arrive.

Parking in non-market spaces is subject to standard parking restrictions and charges. Read the signs!

NOTE: Loading zones are FREE AT 13:00. Please don’t park in them before 13:00.

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We have printed discs at each even. Just ask for one!

Download the Flyer here. The parking disc is on the flyer.

You can contact us by email or telephone:
Darren Sullivan Vince
07426 903 970

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